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Anyone who doubts the NFC West will be a force to be reckoned with, effective immediately need not look any further than what’s happening down in the land of the aborted Pink Taco for justification.

The Cards recent introduction of Ken Whisenhunt as their new Head Coach lends new and immediate credibility to what they have been trying to do in the desert since pink tacos were introduced to the lonely pioneers of the west – namely, build a team worth a grain of that professionally and rightfully slandered sun-beat sand.

But much like Jack Bauer, this years front page somehow trumps last years storyline going into free agency and the draft. Getting rid of Denny’s (Green) all night rectal-vision coaching platform was certainly a step in the right direction for the long beleaguered franchise of failure. But adding a coaching prodigy with the pedigree of Whisenhunt certainly solidifies their application for the NFL’s sexy pick of the year. Too bad that much like Jack Bauer and the crew, you can only blow up the white house so many times and still have a mostly separated nation pretend to gasp for losing their Bush.

But what does all this mean to the rest of the division – well, this is where it does turn the corner and get a bit interesting.

Whisenhunt and his new coaching staff are nothing if they are not subscribers to the age old Steeler tradition of smash-mouth football. But to do this they will need an offensive line that can actually be offensive to the other team rather than to the good people of Arizona. They already have a very good running back in Edgerrin James, who somehow and with nearly no blocking, still managed to gain 1159 yards last season. What is scary to think of is what could happen if a good coach put this team together in old-school fundamental style.

That could be right on the horizon this year, and in full bloom by 2008.

If Whisenhunts game plan plays out, he will be putting his own entry in what is arguably in ’06 and surely in ’07 set to be the best rushing division in the entire NFL. We all are familiar with Shaun Alexanders recently broken touchdown record as well as the 49ers Frank Gore, who finished last year third in the league in rushing followed up by Steven Jackson at number five.

It’s safe to say that this year all eyes will be on the West Coast when the lame-ass monkeys on Sportcenter throw their weekly rushing highlights on the screen. And this year the Cardinals will be trying to shake much more than the stigma of trying to justify why they voted to not name Cardinal Stadium the “Pink Taco.”

Who the hell wouldn’t like a big pink taco oasis in the middle of the most futile desert on the planet?

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