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      By GladiatorHawk

Finally after many long hours of practice and fortitude, their hopes and dreams have been fulfilled. These lovely ladies will be gracing the football fields as our SeaGals of 2007. Welcome ladies.

Representing SeahawkBlue is our own member, Nicole who once again will be seen on the sidelines on Sundays and volunteering at countless charities throughout the year.

Top Row (L to R): Tina, Tessa, Jessica N, Jenny, Andrea, Georgia, Loren, Marianne, Heidi, Stephanie

2nd Row: Sharon, Kristi, Amanda, Nicole, Kylee, Amy, Miranda, Becki, Kristin

Front Row: Jessica T, Kathy, Yvonne, Melanie, Lindsay, Shelly, Katie W, Katie A, Natalie


Gladiator Hawk

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