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The Seahawks Have a Winning Record
by albaNY Hawker (image by JetCityHawk)

Yea, the fat lady may be warming up for her solo, and there's no shortage of media pundits with forks ready to stick in the Seahawks, but to complete the pun-trifecta, it ain't over til it's over.

With this headline and opening paragraph, I'm sure many readers are worried that the pressure of this season has finally gotten to me and I've gone off the deep end.

But the truth of the matter is that the Seahawks *do* have a winning record, sitting at 2-1 within the NFC West, with two games yet to play against Division leader Arizona, so the prospect of that fifth consecutive NFC West Championship is still alive.

For those who refuse to give up, the Seahawks fought a good fight in Miami, Eastern Time Zone and all, and but for a few drops and untimely gaffes, should have come away with a victory. There even seemed to be a somewhat creative and aggressive defensive gameplan for the first time all season. And at the very least, they didn't come out with any other major injuries. (knock wood)

This week should mark the return to action of starters Matt Hasselbeck and Deion Branch, as the Seahawks prepare for their home match-up against the Cardinals, who will be coming off a short week, and hopefully a stunning loss, as they play the 49ers tonight.

But even if the Cardinals win tonight, and all indications are that they should, the hopes of the 2-7 Seahawks, at 4 games back with 7 to play, would still have a pulse.

Of course, Dr. Kavorkian is the on-call physician.

In order to qualify for post season play, the Seahawks need to win both remaining games against the Cardinals, and then win at least two more games than the Cardinals do the remaining weeks of the season. With a quick look at the schedule, this will be a daunting task, but not necessarily impossible.

The Seahawks and Cardinals both have remaining games against St. Louis (2-7) and New England (6-3). Both teams should be able to beat St. Louis, and the Seahawks should have an advantage against at home against the Patriots, while the Cardinals have to go to New England.

The Seahawks are also done with the Eastern Time Zone portion of their schedule, drawing the Redskins (6-3) and Jets (6-3) at home, and traveling to Dallas (5-4) on Thanksgiving. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have to go to Philadelphia (5-4), and host the Giants (8-1) and the Vikings (5-4).

Other than the Rams, the remaining opponents for each of the Seahawks and Cardinals have winning records and are fighting for their own playoff positioning, so none of these are going to be easy games.

But it's still not impossible.

The Patriots, Jets and Cowboys aren't as tough as their records may indicate, and the Seahawks should play hard against former-favorite-son Jim Zorn's Washington squad. The Cardinals have to deal with the Eagles and Giants, both of which appear to be the real-deal, and a streaky Vikings team lead by Purple Jesus.

So this is no time for the 12th Man to despair. Buckle up your chinstrap and cheer your ass off, as distasteful as it may seem, for the 49ers tonight, and then in support of your beloved Seahawks the rest of the way.

There's still time for the team and the players to give Mike Holmgren the send off that he so richly deserves.

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