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      By TC

Blue Christmas

There are many times we lose perspective as Seahawks fans.

Especially when riding a losing record into the holidays..

But it’s more important now then ever to keep our spirits high.. And maintain a supportive atmosphere for our players to reside in. They are who we should really feel for. They still have to play the games. All we have to do is watch them.

The gifts the holidays bring us this year, are an early off-season, an early draft pick, and dramatic change to our beloved franchise.

Change for what though is still uncertain.

It reminds me as a child when you select a toy from a catalogue for Christmas without having really experienced it. It really looks cool and exciting from the picture and description.. And you begged until your fairly confident your going to get it.

Then begins a process, mixing second guessing your decision, with severe anticipation.

We’ve had a long ride and all good things must end. Lets keep filling our stadium and message boards with lots of Christmas “Cheer” for our team.

Here’s hoping next season is everything that we dream.