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      By albaNY Hawker

Whose Team is it Now?
by albaNY Hawker

When the schedules were released in April, Mike Holmgren knew that his final regular season game as head coach of the Seahawks would be against the Arizona Cardinals. What he didn't know was that it would be the Week 11 game at Qwest Field.

With a 2-8 record, and all dreams of a late season run finally doused, all focus should now shift to next season as we play our second stringers and younger guys to see what holes need to be filled on the roster.

So the next obvious question is, 'whose team is it now?'

At the risk of slighting the future hall-of-famer, perhaps it's time to pass the baton headset to coach-in-waiting Jim Mora, and give him some sideline-OJT for the rest of the season.

Sure he's coached before, and this is not his staff, but it might make sense to allow him to do the tinkering if players and schemes are to be evaluated for the future.

Besides, there's never enough opportunities to test yourself in game situations, in terms of play calling, clock management and challenges.

Being the man of his word that he is, and since he's often referred to gameday as the best part of the job, Mike Holmgren will most likely continue to call the shots until the last second of the last minute has ticked off on this brutally painful season.

And he's more than earned the right to do so.

However, if the front office wants to get a head start on turning this thing around, maybe the best thing for this team right now is Mora the James, instead of more of the same.

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