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Week Three: Green with N.V.

That's right. Last Sunday the Seahawks were green with N.V., as in No Victory.

They were green with envy too, playing a team without most of it's starters nursing injury, and already looking up at the Niners and Cardinals in the standings. But even though there were a lot of disappointments in this game, the team put forth a valiant effort, and Seneca Wallaceonce again proved that he's just good enough to deliver another close loss for the Seahawks.

But I'm not here to point out who didn't play well (cough-cough-olindo-mare-cough) I'm here to mentally review the game film and see who the lucky recipient of this week's Alba Dark Angel Award might be.

Actually, Seneca Wallace was the leading candidate in the first half. He came out sharp, lead the team on a touch down drive, and MAN did he look stylish rocking that neon green jersey! But we all know how the second half went for Wallace and the offense, so they'll just have to redouble their efforts next week in hopes of obtaining this honor.

This week's winner is coming from the defenisive side of the ball.

Second runner up is Aaron Curry. He seemed to play a little more in control this week, he was wrapping and tackling much better, and even forced a fumble. But we have much higher expectations for the #4 pick before we just go handing out trophies for playing a technically sound game.

First runner up is the entire Defensive Line. They pretty much shut down fantansy football stud Forte, and forced three fumbles of Jay Cutler, recovering one. Kerney and Tapp were active as ever, and the return of the rolling bag of knives, Bang-Bang Mebane was a major boost.

But this week's Alba's Dark Angel Award goes to the only guy on the field that was hotter than those neon green alternate jerseys...the Heater himself...David Hawthorne. For the second week in a row "Heater" filled in for Lofa Tatupu and was all over the field playing like a man possessed. He lead the team in tackles with 15 solo tackles, had a critical interception, and forced a fumbled near the goal line that should have never been overturned on review.

Lofa Tatupu may be returning to action, so here's a little something to keep David Hawthorne company if he finds himself relegated to his backup role this week in Indy.

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