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      By GladiatorHawk

SeahawkBlue's Fantasy Football Champion - SeahawkGZ!

Please join me in congratulating SeahawkGZ.

The Zion Canyon Zombies of which SeahawkGZ managed, has won the championship of SeahawkBlue's Fantasy Football League (SBFFL). Rookie SeahawkGZ, is a rags to riches story. Having taken an abandoned team from scrub bottom to reign as champ, is worthy of having a book authored by MttHawk.

The team from Zion had a forgetable start having lost it's first game to a bunch of streakers from Marysville. Zion led by Tom Brady's healthy knee and reels of underground practice videos of the streakers, was still unable to forge a victory, losing 105 - 117 to the streakers. Not giving up, the Zombies opted to oust the Brady Bunch, so he hired Tonia Hardings bodyguard to whack Tom Brady's knee, so that Matt Cassel would turn his season around.

Having learning the ropes, the Zombies won 7 of it's last 8 games. Relying upon such astute transactions and coaching to elicit superb performances from the likes of QB Cassel, RBs Michael Turner and Tashard Choice, WRs Mr Man-Bra Steve Breast-on, Laverannues Coles, Lance Moore, TE Billy Miller, Kicker Nate Kaeding and the Dallas Defense. Each week, putting up just enough points to win his games. In the Super Bowl, the Zion Canyon Zombies outscored Keeley Hazell and the St. Helen Saints 113 - 93.

SeahawkGZ will wear the title of SBFFL proudly on his avatar for 1 year while the rest of us strategize how to take it away from him next season.

SBFFL Notebook: In related news --

Mr. PsychoBabbler reigns as the current NFL Pick'em Champ. As last year's champ was caught picking his nose, Chuckster topped out with a 65.5% success in the NFL Pick'em contest. Congrats to Chuck.

HawkCrazy pulled off the monumental task to reign as NFL Survivor Champion. After eliminating all other entrants and duking it out for an additional 5 weeks, GladiatorHawk succumbed to the eventual champion at week 12. Not satisfied having won the championship Crazy continued to play through week 17 having completed the season in un-blemished fashion with 17 consecutive weeks of surviving. Congrats to HawkCrazy.

-- GladiatorHawk

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