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When Deon Grant sat down to consider his options and figure out where he wanted to play in 2007, he narrowed down his options with a quickness.
"One reason I considered coming to Seattle is the fact that they've been to the playoffs for four years straight," Grant told the Florida Times-Union Thursday. "They're definitely there."
Done deal sweety, bring on the cigar because the Seahawk secondary just gave birth to it's new age, and it's golden child is in the house.

I won't bore you with stats other than the big ones, namely an average of just about 65 tackles a year since he got into his first game in '01.

You want more reason to get excited about the landing? How does 18 interceptions float your boat? If you asked him how he did that, he might just come back with a line from one of his favorite Adam Sandler movies:

"You underestimate my sneakiness."

Grant also boasts 4 1/2 sacks to his credit, and he's only 27 years old.
"They're missing a few pieces, but I think with guys like Patrick [Kerney] and myself, we'll be able to make some things happen on that defense," Grant said to the Times-Union. "You bring in guys with playoff experience and Super Bowl experience with a coach that already has Super Bowl experience, we really feel like we can make it happen here in Seattle."

I think it's safe to say he's not alone on that sentiment.

Unfortunately with progress comes change, and the people of Seahawk Nation will likely be saying good-bye to local favorite Ken Hamlin as a result. Also with the addition of Brian Russel, even Michael Boulware will likely have to run his beak into the ground to prove he still belongs.

So now, right out of the Blue, you have sheer evil brewing in coffee town. All of a sudden opposing quarterbacks will not only toss and turn at the thought of Julian Peterson and Lofa, but also will have to account for Patrick Kerney and Mr. Sneaky as well.

To sum up that scenario, I give 'em each the same four words ...

Sucks to be you.

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What a difference a matter of days can make, especially when you're holding your breath, and the collective members of Seahawk Nation were turning as blue as a Seahawk by the end of the first weekend of the FA shuffle.

But today the truth is you are hard pressed to find a Seahawk, especially here in the great Northwest, who has not been reduced literally to a couple of syllables when the subject is brought up.

"KER-NEY" is the most common one I'm confronted with, often with one fist balled up and the other in the traditional three-fingered, arm extended salute I remember best from my first Ozzy concert. For some reason they like to go way out of their way to seek me out just to heckle me, though I can't figure out why. One thing is clear - Seahawk Nation is pumped up!

And why not?

Some people have argued that Patrick Kerney, as a replacement for Grant Wistrom is a virtual exchange of basically the same assets for comparable money. And if you look at the stat sheets, this theory is somewhat supported.

But football isn't about just stats, oh no baby, it's about emotion - it's about momentum.

So as the Hawks kissed Grant Wistrom good-bye and sent him on his way to audition for a very Brady bingo-parlor, what they essentially did was bring in a breath of fresh air and change of mentality to their Defensive line. When you couple big-hearted with extremely talented, mix in a fantastic work ethic and high-motor, you run the risk of combustion when placed in the middle of the frenzy that is easily the most volatile stadium in the NFL.

That alone is enough to send shudders through every offensive coordinator in the division.

Maybe that's why when I say it's going to be a fight in the NFC West this year, I hear one or another version of the same thing back:

"The NFC West belongs to the Hawks baby, if they want it - let 'em come and TAKE IT!"

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