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      By GladiatorHawk

Jim Zorn, the wildly entertaining quarterback who thrilled the Seahawks fans that first season in 1976, has slithered away into the night. He being the icon of Seahawk's lore, who passed through the black vortex of evil and landed in Snyder's den.

What will Matt Hasselbeck do? How will fans react? The cry out for number 10, falls on deaf ears. The era of change and uncertainty is coming. Mike Holmgren declared 2008 to be his final season as Seahawks coach. Wide receivers coach Nolan Cromwell and quality control coach Gary Reynolds have left to take jobs at Texas A&M. Bill Laveroni has been fired. Ray Rhodes is expected to join the Houston Texans. Now Zorn, 54, who many projected that he would become offensive coordinator after Holmgren passes the reins over to Jim Mora, has also moved on to another team.

Let's put this into perspective. Cromwell, Reynolds and Zorn left to accept promotions. Rhodes wants to finish his career near his home in Texas. They are doing what is best for their families and their career. This is expected. Laveroni earned his way to the soup line. There has been speculation in the press, that Jim Zorn with an offer in hand, met with Seahawks officials to see if he would get an extension. He received no promises so he agreed to become the offensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins. You know, this is the team where the power of the spirits of Sean Taylor failed them.

Jim Zorn thrilled us with his scrambling ability and his flair for lofting passes to Steve Largent during our inaugural season of 1976 and beyond. He is one of the more revered athletes this town has seen. The majority believes he could not fail. However, we do not know if he will become a good offensive coordinator. Holmgren will find a capable replacement for the coach of the quarterbacks. The walrus is one of the premiere evaluators of quarterbacks in the NFL and is astute enough to hire the "right" QB coach. This is best to have him select someone now, rather then to choose someone after Holmgren retires.

I am happy and sad for Jim Zorn. I am glad that he has the opportunity to elevate his coaching career in the NFL. I am sad for him to have to languish within the insane asylum that is the Washington Redskins. Snyder - how did someone so stupid, ever find a way to get rich? It must be from inheritance. As long as Snyder is at the helm, that franchise will wallow in urine.

As for the Seahawks, we will be fine. The majestic headquarters and training facility is due to open this June which will be enticing to prospective free agents. Paul Allen's money will ensure great facilities and provide sufficient payment for the best in coaches. Tim Ruskell will continue to find gems in the draft and bring in veterans to maintain our competitive edge. We will have Mike Holmgren for one more push for that Super Bowl win. We have a fine future coach in Jim Mora who is receiving the best in mentoring from "The Walrus".

Jim, beware of Ouija boards delivered from a shipper with the initials of S.T.

Gladiator Hawk

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