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      By pitchin from PDX

On Tuesday, July 10th my daughter and I traveled north for Dad and Me with the Seahawks Day at Qwest Field. After being serenaded by members of the Blue Thunder drum line in the ninety degree heat, our limited edition Dad and Me hats gained us entry to the main concourse of Qwest for registration. We were introduced to our Seahawks hosts for the day, misters Paul Johns, Craig Terrill, Marcus Tubbs, and Jim Zorn. A short video introduction led to the collected 250 children and parents being led to the Qwest Field playing surface for stretching and calisthenics with Johns. We were then split into three groups, and began the day’s activities.

As part of group B we were first assigned to Marcus Tubbs and assistants for drills in the obstacle course and the 40 yard dash. Needless to say, up close Marcus is a way big dude, and a lengthy knee brace extended below his cargo shorts. Good clean fun ruled the day as numerous four to eight year old boys and girls, dads and moms, and grandpas plowed through and around the agility drills of the obstacle course. Marcus seemed very good natured. I can then proudly report that I smoked my daughter (age 12) in the 40; 6.15 with one try, if you must know.

Group B then moved into the Hawks locker room for a session with Craig Terrill. Now, as those of you who have taken the Qwest tour know, gaining access to the visitor’s locker room is relatively easy – the home locker room is a massively big deal. Even better, certain players had chosen to leave personal affects in their lockers. My daughter got to try on Josh Brown’s helmet - SA’s jersey and shoulder pads were there for the wearing, as well. Marcus Trufaunt’s Under Armor shirts had small padding modules on the upper shoulder surfaces, perhaps reflecting his sensitivity following shoulder surgery. Following the departure of Robbie Tobeck, Terrill seems to be filling the role of resident smart-ass nicely, and his locker room commentary was quite candid.

Then it was back to the field for passing drills with Jim Zorn. After demonstrating basic throwing technique with his son Isaac, the Ring of Honor QB turned to the crowd and, amazingly, selected my daughter for a personal tutorial, along with three others. I was f**king stunned! Like the trooper she is, my daughter got up in front of the crowd, and chucked the ball. The Z Man gave great advice (imagine a table around your midsection, keep your elbow above shoulder, etc.), and by the fifth attempt she threw a scorchin' spiral to Isaac. The crowd applauded, life was awesome.

After a quick, informal dinner featuring Jones Soda’s new Qwest friendly flavors, and much chiding regarding my daughter’s stellar performance, there was an autograph session with Terrill, Tubbs, and Zorn. We received complimentary bags of swag (Hawks mini footballs, 2007 yearbook, Lofa posters), and were then off into the cooling Seattle evening. All in all, it was truly an afternoon’s experience that my daughter and I will cherish forever – or, at least as long as she keeps her elbow above her shoulder while throwing. Thank you Qwest, and the Seahawks.

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      By TC

Thanks Terrell! For the last 6 months we the people have not had to put up with any of your stupidity or your fat mouth running on and on about crap that only pertains to Terrell Owens.

It has surly been refreshing to not have to hear your assessment of other players sexual preferences (Jeff Garcia) Or hear about you fighting with people in the locker room (Hugh Douglas).

Thank you for sparing us another lecture on what a classless organization the great Terrell Owens plays for (Philadelphia Eagles), or what a pussy they have for a quarterback (Donovan McNabb).

Thank you for not subjecting us to another "work out" in front of your residence so the press and all of us adoring fans can rest assured you are keeping in shape while you are suspended for the latest trouble that your stupid ass is in.

Kudos to you for not forcing anymore sleepless nights on us while we worried about poor Terrell laying in the hospital after overdosing on pain killers (poor...poor, Terrell).

Us adoring fans also appreciate the fact that you haven't spit on any other players (DeAngelo Hall) recently as well! Or had to endure another interview in which your agent melted down about your stupidity, yelling over and over, "NEXT QUESTION?"

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture, Terrell. You are on the right track, so just keep your big showboating mouth shut, and let your play do the talking, and you will see how easy the whole NFL experience can be!


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      By GladiatorHawk

In 1982, the Seattle Seahawks had not yet reached puberty in the NFL. Never having sniffed the playoffs, this franchise took a major step backward in perhaps one of the worse blunders in NFL trading history - trading Tony Dorsett for a package of stiffs.

In that fateful year of 1982, Joe Paterno and the Penn State Nittany Lions raced to National Championship primarily through the accomplishments of one - Curt Warner. Most analysts of the day, had compared him to Dorsett. As luck would have it, the Seahawks were in position to make Warner their first round pick that year.

Curt Warner had a brilliant rookie campaign accumulating 1449 rushing yards, 42 receptions for another 335 yards, and scoring 14 touchdowns. The team made the playoffs for the first time in team history with a 9-7 record. Seattle faced Denver and then Miami, beating them both to earn an AFC Championship berth versus the Oakland Raiders. A franchise achievement never matched or exceeded until the 2005 team reached the Super Bowl.

The 5'11" 205 pound rookie running back was annoited as the AFC Offensive Player of the Year and earned his first of three Pro Bowl selections. After the tenth carry of following season he sustained an ACL injury to his knee. Although he never fully regained his elite speed and elusiveness, he did manage to recuperate and return to complete a 7.5 year career playing his last 7 games for the St Louis Rams. He held the team record for most yards in a single game with 207 yards against the Chiefs in 1983, since broken by Shaun Alexander in 2001.

Games 100

Rushing Attempts 1698

Rushing Yards 6844

Rushing TDs 56

Receptions 193

Receiving Yards 1467

Receiving TDs 7

The organization recognized his achievements in 1994 by inducting him into the Seahawks Ring of Honor.

Where is he now?

Curt and his wife Ana have 3 sons: Jonathon 14, and 13 year old twins Austin and Christian and reside in Vancouver Washington. He is the owner and operator of Curt Warner Chevrolet in Vancouver. He enjoys playing golf particularly in charity events. He has participated in Athletes for Autism charity golf outing last year. He does watch NFL games and follows the Seahawks. Reviled rivalry - Da Raiders. Al Davis and the Raider attitude set the stage for some heated battles, he says.

Access to memorabilia?

I had the opportunity to speak with Curt Warner on the phone in June of 2006. He said he is very open to penning his name on pictures, jerseys, footballs, and other items. Just drive down to his car dealership in Vancouver Washington and inquire. An item or two is acceptable whereas a dozen is going over the line. I'm sure he would even autograph the new car you bought from his dealership.

Born as Curtis Edward Warner on March 18, 1961. Starred at Pineville High School West Virginia and Penn State University.

Gladiator Hawk

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