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      By albaNY Hawker

Have you ever noticed that one store location in your local strip mall that never seems to be able to maintain a tenant? One month it's a Builder's Square, the next it's a Circuit City and the following month it's vacant again.

Well, I seem to have the same effect on the SeahawkBlue Adopt-A-Seahawk program!

As site historian and perennial alba-agitator ADP will quickly point out, it all started with reserve full back Chris Davis in 2005. Davis was coming off a knee injury and already a long shot to make the team due to some guy named Wiburt Tissue, but he played his college ball at Syracuse so I thought I'd adopt him as my own. Not long after the ink was dry on the birth certificate, Mr. Davis was asked to brush off his SU diploma and begin life after football.

Not to be dissuaded by this Sudden Infant Done syndrome, another running back on the roster caught my eye with his full speed ahead approach and propensity for the vicious hit, so Josh Scobey was welcomed to the family...and quickly fumbled the opening kick off of the 2005 season! But much like his adoptive father's stick-to-it-ness, Josh kept running straight ahead and hitting like a freight train, and picked up one of the first Moonlight Graham awards for his efforts. A little more than a season later, Josh is now playing for the Buffalo Bills, and if things don't work out there, I may find that MGA trophy in a Western New York pawn shop.

Mainly because he was a heavy hitter who shared a birth month with me, and perhaps a subconscious effort to hedge my bets, I also adopted Kelly Herndon in the 2005 season too. As more and more fans called his play into question, like any good parent, I stood up for him and gave him my blind loyalty and support. Today, the Seahawks gave him his walking papers.

So like a black character in a serial killer flick, or the Anthony Edwards character in Top Gun, if you're a young Seahawk player and you see me and my adoption attorney coming your way, you know you're dead meat!

For the good of the organization, I've decided to live the rest of my Seahawk life childless, and just be a good uncle to the other adoptees. You know, the one that always has pockets full of candy and is willing to bounce the kids on his knee for an obscenely long time!

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