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In the light of the NFL’s new code of conduct rule, It boggles the mind that the Cincinnati Bengal’s continue their devil may care, wild west style crime spree. At what point is the NFL going to decide that the swift foot of justice needs to find some asses? It is clear to any reasonable person with a granule of brain cells that this problem is apparently beyond the control of Bengal Management. The latest arrest of running back Quincy Wilson for disorderly conduct is pretty good testimony. But let’s have a look at what other problems they have encountered in the last year.

Johnathan Joseph CB possession of marijuana, Deltha O'Neal (CB) Driving while intoxicated, Reggie McNeal (WR) Resisting arrest, Matthias Askew (DT) Resisting arrest, Eric Steinbach (G) Boating under the influence, Chris Henry (WR) unlawful transaction with a minor (three counts), speeding, operating a vehicle under the influence, felony possession of a concealed firearm, possession of marijuana, Frostee Rucker (DE) Spousal battery, A.J. Nicholson (LB) Burglary, grand theft and Odell Thurman (LB) Driving while intoxicated.

I have no personal vendetta against the Bengals, I don’t love them and I don’t hate them. I just simply don’t understand what kind of Management allows this kind of crap on a team. They need a smack down, a reality check. If their players have an ounce of pride then they need to hold each other accountable, or we might as well throw them a basketball and sell them to Oklahoma. Lets review the NFL’s rule of conduct for persons charged with criminal activity:

Any Covered Person arrested for or charged with conduct prohibited by this policy will be required to undergo an immediate, mandatory clinical evaluation and, if directed, appropriate counseling. Such evaluation and counseling must be performed under the direction and supervision of the NFL Vice President of Player and Employee Development. Failure to cooperate with evaluation and counseling (including being arrested for or charged with additional criminal activity during the evaluation and counseling period) shall itself be conduct detrimental to the National Football League and shall be punishable by fine or suspension at the discretion of the Commissioner.

If the Bengals continue at their current rate, the NFL will have to build a new counseling center on top of Mount Sinai to house them. Sorry Cincinnati, but you have earned my nomination for The Seahawk Blue POS award…

-- TC

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