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Dad And Me Day!

Hi everyone, yesterday myself and my daughter Madison were in Hawk Heaven. It was Dad and Me at the Seahawks day, 4 fun filled hours of drills, discussion, and food. Our hosts were Seneca Wallace, Courtney Taylor, and Linebackers Coach Rollins. The drills they put us through were an obstacle course, hands and footwork drills, 40 yard dash, and a tour of the holy grail the Seahawks Locker Room.

The Locker Room is something that people are hardly ever able to see, and I included lots of pictures for those of you who are interested in seeing what it looks like. This event is great, and the Hawks really cater to dad's and their kids. I really recommend it to anyone, we had a great time. There was some good one on one time with the players, and I am very impressed with Courtney Taylor what a nice man he is, and I look forward to seeing more of him in the future. My daughter was really excited to try on Nate Burleson's (my wife's favorite) equipment, but for me it was standing next to Lofa Tatupu's locker.

Anyway we had a great time, and if anyone has any other questions let me know.


12th Man...I Am

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