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Saturday Night Party

Will You Survive Motherland III?

Saturday September 20th marks the beginning of Motherland III! This year the Saturday night party will be hosted by's HawkHeart and Kegger56 at The Hawks Nest Bar & Grill!

The Hawks Nest was born out of discussion and ideas exchanged on this very website. It has grown from a simple idea to a wildly successful reality.

Joining us will be our old buddy Seahawks Vice President Mike Flood, he will be giving away and raffling off all kinds of goodies. If you didn't get to see Mike at last years event, then you just can't miss this! Mike is a fun guy to party with.

And if that wasn't enough...

Also joining us will be's very own Nicole! That's right! Seahawks Cheerleader Nicole will be there, and if you thought it was nice that she comes here and lets us know whats up with the Seagals, now you can thank her in person!

What the hell could possibly top that?

How about Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader Natalie? Yep! The lovely Natalie will also be joining us, Natalie and Nicole will be bringing a load of their 2009 Seagal calenders! Uh huh, you will be able to purchase one of these calenders at MLIII. If you play your cards right, you might get a autograph or two on your calender (wink).

And there may another surprise guest or two. To top off it off, you get to meet and party with all your friends and fellow members from Most of the Moderators and Admins will be there as well (and a certain orange cat). We will also be bringing the MLIII Tee shirts for all of you who ordered them, and maybe a few spares for those of you newbies who didn't get the chance. All of this from your friends at and The Hawks Nest!

Vice president of the Seahawks Mike Flood

Seahawks Cheerleader Nicole

Seahawks Cheerleader Natalie

This event is for members and their guests only. You and your guests must be on the approved guest list to attend. To inquire about the guest list you may PM any Moderator or Admin at