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      By TC

Thanks Terrell! For the last 6 months we the people have not had to put up with any of your stupidity or your fat mouth running on and on about crap that only pertains to Terrell Owens.

It has surly been refreshing to not have to hear your assessment of other players sexual preferences (Jeff Garcia) Or hear about you fighting with people in the locker room (Hugh Douglas).

Thank you for sparing us another lecture on what a classless organization the great Terrell Owens plays for (Philadelphia Eagles), or what a pussy they have for a quarterback (Donovan McNabb).

Thank you for not subjecting us to another "work out" in front of your residence so the press and all of us adoring fans can rest assured you are keeping in shape while you are suspended for the latest trouble that your stupid ass is in.

Kudos to you for not forcing anymore sleepless nights on us while we worried about poor Terrell laying in the hospital after overdosing on pain killers (poor...poor, Terrell).

Us adoring fans also appreciate the fact that you haven't spit on any other players (DeAngelo Hall) recently as well! Or had to endure another interview in which your agent melted down about your stupidity, yelling over and over, "NEXT QUESTION?"

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture, Terrell. You are on the right track, so just keep your big showboating mouth shut, and let your play do the talking, and you will see how easy the whole NFL experience can be!


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