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In our third installment of Gladiator Profiled for Seahawks, we turn our attention to the cornerback position. The buildup in the defensive secondary is quite evident already with the Hawks adding 2 safeties in Deon Grant and Brian Russell. Mike Holmgren has cited in this interview that he could use another cornerback.

The best fit for adding a cornerback would be Marcus McCauley a physical open field tackler with a reputation for taking on powerful running backs while also displaying the quickness needed to shut down speedy wide receivers. McCauley is big and fast, however he will be drafted in the 2nd round unfortunately.

NFL teams have a preference for running towards the left side of the defense. The coaching staff should investigate returning Trufant to his former role of left cornerback and swap Jennings to the right side. Hugh Millen has stated on KJR radio that at the end of the season, Jennings weight was in the 160s, a bit slight for a DB trying take on a running back at full steam, hence the move to the other side for him. No truth to the rumor that when Jennings turns sideways, he's mistaken for one of the yardlines. Trufant is in his free agent contract year and there is a need to prepare for the future as Trufant could walk following this season.

Usama Young offers great value as the Seahawks second pick (think trade) in the 4th round. Young is quick, has a solid frame and is a sure-handed tackler. He stands 5-11 weighs 195 and can fly through a 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds. Young fits the mold for what the Seahawks need in the draft at cornerback. The Seattle Seahawks draft team came away very impressed after a recent visit with Usama. An accomplished defender albeit from a smaller school. Ruskell says that the Hawks are fortunate to have no glaring holes, so they have the opportunity to select players that they can develop into starters.

Usama Young has plenty of game experience since becoming a starter in his freshman season and finishing with 37 starts in 45 games. He is considered to be a shutdown corner and has great special teams potential. Has the Ruskell work ethic desired and demonstrated by him putting forth the extra hours for game preparation.

He could be more aggressive tracking the ball in flight. However he is a smart and instinctive player who can make the quick reads and instantly react to the play. Maintains good position on the receiver in man coverage. Has good recovery speed and turns with precision when looking for the ball. He is very effective in keeping plays in front of him playing in the zone and explodes out of his breaks to stay tight with the receiver.

He needs to build on his strength and play with more aggression when competing for the ball in a crowd. H is not considered a ball hawk. Introduce him to DB specialist coach Jim Mora, and he will develop into a very effective starter in the future.

Meet your new cornerback of the future -- Usama Young.

Gladiator Hawk

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