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After the first full weekend of free agency, and with the earliest season lock in the history of the NFL, I am hereby commissioned to tell you all that there is no need to even play the first 18 weeks this season. What's the point? If I'm understanding correctly, there is already a team that will be so deadly and devastating that it will not only win the Superbowl, but scare the other team so badly that they will refuse to take the field.

If you haven't yet figured out the new NFL super-power that rivals Zeus himself, then either you live under a rock, or haven't seen one of the hundreds of orgasmic drunks across town swinging from the rafters at the 49er bar.

Yeah, I know they have been having a good FA period so far, but listening to some of these fools would have you giving away all your earthly possessions, and making a pilgrimage to San Francisco to meet the new Messiah himself - Nate Clements.

This 49er thread is high quality entertainment.

Nate Clements vs. Champ Bailey ... REALLY?

The good people on the bad fault-line were only giddy at first, but then throw in the signings of WR Ashley Lelie and SS Michael Lewis and suddenly they became down-right loopy.

This years 49ers without a doubt are not only a shoo-in to take the March crown from the Washington Redskins, but are setting their sights on breaking the Cardinals 3-year pre-season sexy-pick slobber-fest award, presented by the "expert analaysts."

It just doesn't seem right for one team to have so much excitement while the Seahawks fans are left wishing for good news like a spurned lover sitting for hours by the telephone only to be shunned and insulted and used by their own coveted potential saviour.

It's a pretty good trick these days to out cackle the Cardinals this time of year, I'll give em that much. Well as much as I hate to admit it, the 49er fans have alot to be excited about. But beyond the myopia, there are two distinct possibilities that loom in the near future.

There's gonna be an NFC West dog-fight this year, and Champ Bailey may die.

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