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What do Mike Martz and Norv Turner have in common? They both can do outstanding things for any NFL teams offensive attack - that's no-brainer number one. The other screaming no-brainer is they should never be given the keys to the whole show again -ever.

Tell that to the San Diego Chargers, or rather, explain it to their long suffering fans.

The hiring of Norv Turner as the new Charger HC is mind-boggling at best. His eight year totals at the helm of the Redskins and Raiders are a discouraging 58-82-1. But this time the Chargers are not the only losers. The 49ers will suffer because of this as well.

Norv Turner is once again headed for disaster when he should have stayed put doing the thing he does best, namely, backing up a good Head Coach in Mike Nolan. That's his calling, and he's very good at developing young offensive talent. A look at the 49ers resurgence over the last couple of years is testimony of that.

At the same time, one look at his last attempt to fit in the big chair reveals a Raider team that is still in shambles largely due to his inability to motivate and control an entire team rather than just the offense.

I'm don't have my crystal ball back from the shop yet, but in this case I don't think I need much more than my seven brain cells to see the fall-out from this debacle.

Everyone loses.

The 49ers lose a key building block for their puzzle. The Chargers will lose their hard-earned progress and end up on the wrong side of .500 within two years, and the fans will lose their minds in San Diego and form a lynch-mob for Turner.

Yes friends I predict that being a Chargers fan is going to suck immensely over the next few years.

Can you say "Raiders South?"

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49er fans a wee bit pissed off.So are Charger fans.

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