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      By albaNY Hawker

In honor of President’s Day, since we don’t have anyone on the roster named Washington or Lincoln, we should take a moment of appreciation for the Seahawks Commander and Chief, Tim Ruskell.

A little over two years ago, the Seahawks organization was in a major turmoil, when they finally impeached an unpopular and clueless member of the Front (could it be oval?) Office named Bob Whitsett. Kind of like the final days of the Nixon administration.

Enter Tim Ruskell, a relatively unknown commodity (well, to everyone except for Deuces) and Seahawks nation didn’t know whether to expect another bumbling product of the Peter Principle, like Gerry Ford, or an skilled communicator and effective leader like Ronald Regan.

The answer came when the Seahawks trickled-down all the way to the Super Bowl.

And as excited and impressed as Seahawks fans were about their new President and GM during that Super Bowl run, the second year of the Ruskell administration was quietly more impressive, although it didn’t generate quite the same approval ratings across the board.

Losing Steve Hutchinson at the beginning of the 2006 campaign was a little like getting caught with his pants down, although Mr. Ruskell spared us the indignity of a beret-wearing chubby intern with a soiled dress. There are also no indications that Mrs. Ruskell aspires to run the Seahawks herself some day, even amid reports seeking an entry-level position with the New York franchise.

But the Seahawks faithful again started Trusting In Tim as he adeptly worked the roster, as starter after starter was lost to injury, and his signature high-motor, quality character guys stepped up and nearly willed Seattle back to the NFC Championship game.

With the first significant changeover on the Seahawks coaching staff, the depth and breadth of Tim Ruskell’s fingerprint continues to expand, and hopefully Bruce DeHaven and Jim Mora will contribute to the organization in the same way as the free agent pickups and Ruskell-era draft selections have contributed to the team.

So as we enjoy this Holiday, usually monopolized by car dealers and white sales, let us all pause on the eve of free agency and the draft, and all say Hail to the Chief!

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