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When you see sights like Bill Belichick sporting turkey pale legs on national television and players sweating and laughing in the blazing sun, all in the middle of February, you know your watching NFL Hawaii - more namely, the Pro-Bowl.

For those of us who were yearning for one last glimpse of our team's representatives, it was kind of a bittersweet, love-hate performance all around. You want to see an all-out ass busting, high scoring affair much like you would expect when you put this many play makers on the same field together, but instead what I saw looked more like a frat party scrimmage at times.

Oh, I know that it's a just for fun game, but c'mon.

When Carson Palmer reared back and threw that beautiful 42 yard touchdown bomb to Chad Johnson in the third quarter, there was no coverage within ten yards of him. Okay, that happens. But on the very next play when the Chargers Kaeding kicked the extra point, I literally saw three of the linemen simply come out of their stance and stand straight up, arms at their side relaxed while the kick sailed through.

Maybe I expect too much, but this is an all-star game right? Don't the NFC players care that the AFC kicks their ass in just about everything they do regarding football?

Ahh, whatever.

There were some really cool plays made from our own players in the West. Frank Gore took a hand-off from Marc Bulger and ran it in to tie the score at 14 just before halftime. And later in the fourth quarter Steven Jackson showed why he was there with a nifty duck and dodge run for an 11-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to begin the late NFC rally which came up three points short.

It's not like Steven Jackson hasn't seen that scenario play out a few too many times.

But all in all, it was fun to see the stars come out one more time even if it was just an exhibition.

But it would have been nice to see the NFC win something on their way out the door.

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