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I swear I wrote this two years ago...

According to Adam Schefter on, Mack Strong concluded Pro Bowl practice today with the confirmation that he is indeed returning to add one more fabled season to his chronologically-defiant career.

What gets into this guy? After 12 years of pounding linebackers into submission, he makes it to Hawaii. After 13 years, he thinks he's Superman, flies over defenders in a single bound, and does it again. What will he do for this, his 14th year? Burn through safeties with his laser beam eyes?

He will always be one one of my heroes, for his workmanlike approach, his humble team spirit, and his balls-out toughness. At his core, he is a lot of what this team is all about.

On a more realistic note, Strong did struggle at times last season. In fact, he may have gone to the Pro Bowl by reputation and default. Partly due to injury, mostly due to being friggin' older than Methusaleh, he will need to share some of his playing time if he's going to make it through a season without becoming a handicap.

But in any case, Mack Strong, I celebrate your career, even before it is done.

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