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Normally winning seven games in a season is not cause for celebration. But a simple visit to a San Francisco 49er website would have one believe that not only are the skies opening up to reveal the long promised saviour is finally returning, but is also sporting a San Francisco home jersey labeled "Heaven in '07."

But between the blubbery folds of the myopic being of destiny which has descended upon the good people of San Francisco, eeks a certain sweaty sense of unrest my friends. Oh yes, and the sinister evil which most have opted to ignore like a new lower body odor is real, and getting funkier by the minute.

Case in point:

You would think that Frank Gore would be a happy man. After all, he just finished his breakout season in only his second year, gaining roughly a thousand more rushing yards than he did in '05. At the same time he laid claim to the third best rushing total in the NFL with just under 1,700 yards. With one year left on his contract, it's not a stretch to assume he will be in quite the bargaining postition for a new and very lucrative contract.

But word has it that he's not interested in waiting that long. In fact chances are very good that when training camp opens up, his bright shiny face may be not available for a photo opportunity but instead listed as the biggest-name hold-out of the new season. Reports indicate that he is already pushing for a re-negotiation of his contract to the tune of ten million dollars.

Good luck with that brother.

Norv Turner, along with the rest of the 49er nation are no doubt eagerly awaiting the next move by Jerry Jones and the rest of the crackwagon organization in regards to his highly publicized lead candidacy for the next head clown with "America's team."

What Norv and the rest of the sports world are not so readily divulging is the fact that now that Ron Rivera is officially available to be tampered with, there will be a decisively cruel swap in bent-knee worship that favors the flavor of Chicago hot dogs over the former Raider flounderer.
Look for Ron Rivera to be the next Head Coach of the Cowboys.

So though things may surely be looking up in the gay bay as far as optimism, there is plenty of reality to keep the stories in context. Besides, keeping Norv Turner in the NFC West isn't so bad.

He is the utter definition of parity.

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