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You know them. We all know them, at least by their faces.

At this point it's pretty safe to say that there isn't a real football fan in the entire country who hasn't seen their painted up face a hundred times.

It's Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk of course, who are more properly known in real life as Jeff and DeDe Schumaier, but more famously in Seahawk Nation as the fan-face of an entire Northwestern phenomenon the likes of which is rarely seen anywhere in sports. What I'm referring to of course is the legendary 12th man.

While this wonderful couple is not the only force that represents what drives the unprecedented dizziness that comes from even a simple opposition's false-start, they certainly have furthermore staked thier claim not only to their lifelong love of the Seahawks, but to each other, and did it long before the legendary and often second-guessed Qwest Field auditory oddity was ever born.

Mr. and Mrs Seahawk we wed in true blue fashion at the fifty-yard line of a Seahawks home game ... at the Kingdome.

Still, even with such nostalgia, there is an emptiness this year that comes with being forced to sit on the sidelines-so to speak- and watch another NFC team play the part in what they are convinced is still the Seahawks show.

Seattle Times:
"There's an emptiness now," Schumaier said. "Once you go there you get this hunger and you think you can get there every year."

But Schumaier is too savvy a football fan to be disappointed in this year's team. Given all the injuries and uncertainty of the regular season, winning one playoff game was remarkable.

"I'm proud of these guys, big time," Schumaier said.

One thing that is for sure, even in the big city is that there is no shortage of small town love growing within the confines of the concrete and steel boundries of the big city. But old love is good love if you ask Jeff and DeDe.

And their love for each other will never fade.

Just like their love for the Seahawks.

Raise a toast for the founders of the 12th man.

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