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According to Mr. Magoo himself,(John Clayton of ESPN) Jim Haslett is now being considered a "top" candidate for HC of the San Diego Chargers. We all know that Marty Schottenheimer got canned last week, which is proof beyone a reasonable doubt that the Charger hierarchy has no idea what is best for their organization.

Hire Jim Haslett for HC? PLEASE DO!

Not that I have anything against Haslett, other than his big mouth and lack of results. And there is the fact that he is so antsy to get his foot in the door as a HC of another team that he cannot possibly be giving the tall task he was hired to do, namely regenerating the Rams defensive unit, a fraction of the commitment and focus needed to continue what progress was made in '06.

Which begs the next and probably most obvious question.

Who in the world would be dumb enough to hire Jim Haslett as their new HC? Well, maybe the same organization who was stupid enough to let go of the man who is responsible for the best San Diego Charger teams in a generation.

Norv Turner, Rex Ryan and Ron Rivera are the other top candidates mentioned as contenders. One would think that Rivera would be the best choice for their style of play, but for some reason, RR is always in contention. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

I for one would love for the Chargers to take a chance on Haslett and then have the Rams turn right around and offer the open DC position to Rivera. Or better yet, bring Marty over to St. Louis. Talk about stacking the West Coast deck with that one.

But if there is any logic involved whatsoever in SD, they won't let Haslett any closer than Mike Martz to the interview table.

But stranger things have happened, and miracles are real sometimes.

Here's wishing Haslett luck in his interview - go get that job Jimmy ... please!

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