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The "What I Learned From" series, my weekly personal pet post from 12 Seahawks Street, has been resurrected for Seahawk Blue's Front Page. Now that I've cooled off a bit, had a little vacation, I finally feel sober enough to relate the token bits I gathered from the entire 2006 season.

1. As a fan, it's a little easier to accept a painful season-ending loss when you know your team played their guts out, and the referees let the players play.

2. Single most surprisingly regrettable decision of 2006? Putting Leonard Weaver on IR.

3. Jerramy Stevens' performance in the last two games has restored my faith in second chances.

4. There is a missing dimension in the Seahawks offensive backfield. It has a good running threat. It has a good blocker. But receiver? There is no legitimate threat. Mack Strong can catch a swing pass, but it rarely amounts to more than a one or two yard gain. If Seattle could plug the right person into the RB group this offseason, it would open up the playbook and the field to Hasselbeck and Alexander more than any other acquisition, by giving the opponents' linebackers another dimension to worry about.

5. Grant Wistrom must be a heckuva guy in the locker room, because his performance/cost ratio baffles me.

6. Are Marcus Tubbs and Floyd Womack the same person? They play half the time, they are injured or missing for the other half. Are they ever on the playing field simulataneously? They look different, but so do all of the Klumps.

7. I will never get tired of punking the Rams. Especially with a backup quarterback.

8. We knew this season was going to be tough, didn't we? But not this tough. F***.

9. We are now unofficially past Shaun Alexander's prime. I think he has a lot left in the tank, but from here to every end zone for the rest of his career is where he will either establish himself as a Hall of Fame running back, or just one more of the many good ones.

10. Matt Hasselbeck has established himself as not only being in control of the offense, but also as one tough SOB. Pink argyle sweater or not, the team should respect him, and it appears they do.

11. Walter Jones is mortal.

12. Chris Gray must have nude pictures of a coach somewhere.

13. Boulware and Hamlin are not good for each other. I've watched too many snarky cop duo movies to know that two uptight guys never get done with the crime scene investigation, but two freelancers never do anything right and end up blowing up buildings instead of solving murders. You need to have one freelancer and one uptight guy, so they can can save the world with their respective talents and entertain audiences while they irritate each other. On this case, we have two freelancers, and they are burning down my effing house.

14. I still miss Amber Lancaster.

15. We are now a place where good players want to play. What a change.

I learned a few more things, but it's just boring stuff Alba wrote about already.

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