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1) Indianapolis Colts - SuperBowl XLI champs. Nowhere to go but down.

2) New England Patriots - 2 first round picks after a re-building year that took them to the AFC Championship game.

3) New Orleans Saints - Last off-season saved the Saints franchise in New Orleans. Thanks Houston.

4) Baltimore Ravens - Stifling defense, but an offense that depends too heavily on McNair.

5) San Diego Chargers - The best team in the NFL. Too bad the owner and GM are idiots.

6) Chicago Bears - Pushed their DC out the door, can't re-sign Lovie and don't have a QB. Aside from that, all is well.

7) Jacksonville Jaguars - A QB away from something magical.

8) San Francisco 49ers - Beat Seattle twice, but with Turner heading to the Land of Oz, the offense may stumble.

9) Seattle Seahawks - Two Josh Brown FGs away from being 1-5 in their division. One and five.

10) Carolina Panthers - Getting older, window is closed.

11) Kansas City Chiefs - Solid D, strong running game and a great TE. Weak at WR and questionable at QB.

12) St. Louis Rams - Linehan has to lower the boom on stupid penalties. And stop the run.

13) New York Jets - Eric Man'Genius' caught lightning in a bottle. I'm wondering if he can screw down the cap before it gets out?

14) Dallas Cowboys - Jerrah hired himself a puppet. This is the first step along the walk of ineptitude.

15) Cincinatti Bengals - On paper, a powerhouse. Too bad the paper has been filed with the rest of the court documents. Ended the season with more arrests than wins.

16) Pittsburgh Steelers - Getting older, in cap hell, and Jerry Porter might want a raise.

17) Philadelphia Eagles - McNabb will be back for the start of the season. Taking Garcia out drops the Eagles 4 spots.

18) Denver Broncos - An unimpressive debut for Cutler, and now, because of tragedy, they need to find a corner in the draft.

19) Green Bay Packers - Favre is coming back. Lombardi isn't.

20) New York Giants - Weak everywhere, except left tackle. Oh, yeah, they released Petitgout. Now, weak everywhere.

21) Atlanta Falcons - Fired Mora, kept Vick. Owner is obviously confused.

22) Minnesota Vikings - Lost Mike Tomlin (DC) to the Steelers and Tavaris Jackson could be their starting QB. Enough said.

23) Arizona Cardinals - Leinert makes the O-line better than it is. Now that they've got a real coach, the light at the end of the tunnel might not be the front of an oncoming train.

24) Tennessee Titans - Young is what Vick was supposed to be.

25) Washington Redskins - With a thin free-agent market this year, the 'Skins might have to try to get players through the draft. Of course, they've got no money to sign them, but they'll figure that out. Really.

26) Buffalo Bills - Now that Levy has a year under his belt, maybe he can coax Flutie back.

27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Releasing Chris Sims, one organ at a time.

28) Miami Dolphins - Joey Harrington is at the top of the depth chart!??!?

29) Detroit Lions - I almost feel sorry for their fans. But, then they cheered for the Steelers.

30) Houston Texans - Passed up Leinert, Young and Cutler last year for David Carr. I thought they knew football in Texas?

31) Cleveland Browns - Poor coaching, no QB, no O-line, terrible defense (but, when your on the field that often, who wouldn't be?). But still, they are better than the Raiders.

32) Oakland Raiders - Don't worry Raider fans, Al Davis couldn't live that much longer, could he?

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