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It's not too often that the people who write the stories can become the story. But once in awhile, you recognize and appreciate the persons that act as a faithful conduit for the information and insight you avidly consume.

In the Seahawks fan cyber-universe, Mike Sando is widely regarded as being among the best in the business. Not being content with delivering regular stories in Tacoma's fish wrap, he has used his blog to become the motherload of bright, honest and deep Seahawks information. Maybe Seth from Seattlest put it best, describing Sando as a 'Seahawks Monster':

"This man covers the Seahawks like Cookie Monster eats cookies. Sando's got Seahawks crumbs flying out of his mouth, cascading down his front, like C.M., he probably has his own Seahawks covering song...or movie.

In the past week, Sando's provided on his Seahawks Insider blog:

--An Excel spreadsheet displaying the results of 13 different Seahawks mock drafts.

--Another spreadsheet showing--just for fun--every pick in the 1996 draft.

--A PDF file showing upcoming public appearances by Seahawks players.

--A revealing chat with Titans coach Jeff Fisher about drafting defensive backs (which is what the Hawks are expected to do).

Last week, Sando posted an Excel spreadsheet of the Seahawks roster...sortable by position, by draft number, even by height. Unfortunately, the blog's been redesigned and we can't find that post.

Note: this isn't the place for smartest-guy-in-the-room commentary. Sando keeps his opinions to himself and simply provides information. An avalanche of information. This may be the best blog of its kind anywhere."

I tend to agree. I can't think of anyone that even comes close.

Which leads me to another worry -- will someone this effective stay in this position? I can't help but think of the's Senior NFL Writer, John Clayton. Although he got his start covering the Steelers in Pennsylvania, it was his work at the same company, the Tacoma News-Tribune, that became his springboard to a career on the national stage.

Will Sando follow suit? Recent developments make me wonder. For example, ESPN2's Cold Pizza has been spending the recent offeason taking a five minute look at an NFL team each day. Who do they call on to be the Resident Seahawks Guru? Who else.

In case you missed it:

Sure, he was a stiffer than The Watchdog at a petting zoo, but he was good for his first try.

But why does this feel like he's getting ready to ride off into the sunset? He just cleaned up this town. Now it seems like he is getting ready to hop on his white horse and find his next big adventure, ala Clayton.

Add to this his recent blog entry regarding the rare and special access given to him at the NFL combine, it appears the national stage is ready and waiting for him.

I bet he's here one more season. After that, we'll have a huge empty cookie jar in Seahawks land.

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