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One of the key missing ingredients last year was identified when Tubbs absent during games last year. In Mike Sando's blog, he eloquently pointed out much more inferior the defense was in stopping the run when Tubbs was out. In his story Weighing Tubbs Impact the Seahawks gave up 42 yards more per game and .99 yards more per carry when Tubbs was sidelined.

The quality at defensive tackles trails off sharply after the top 3 DTs are taken in the draft. The Seahawks would be wise to put a bulls eye on Justin Harrell and trade up towards the top of round 2 to fit him for a Seahawks uniform.

The Tennessee Volunteer is tough as nails will play through pain as demonstrated when he put the team first playing rival Florida with a ruptured biceps tendon.

He is quick and explosive at the snap. His stats cloak his true value because he will occupy two blockers at the line of scrimmage, freeing up teammates to close in for the tackle. Justin is an outstanding at containing inside running plays. He has very good change of direction agility and can split double teams. His very strong weight room ethic, team first attitude, and battles until the whistle, which is why teammates look to Harrell for leadership.

He needs to work on his pass rushing, although he does show effective rip and club moves to penetration to the quarterback. He could improve his techniques with his hand placement to prevent blockers from getting underneath his pads. Package pick #55 with a player on the trading block, and Harrell will bring great value to the organization.

Meet your defensive tackle of the future -- Justin Harrell.

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