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      By albaNY Hawker

An Open Letter to Giants Fans
by albaNY Hawker

I live outside of Albany, New York, but I'm a life long Seahawks fan.

Part of the reason a born-and-bred Upstate New Yorker became a Seahawk fan was due to the history and fan base of the New York Giants. I was always impressed how Giants fans lived and died with their team's successes and failures, and how seasons tickets were handed down through generations. When the league expanded in 1976, I decided to pick one of the new teams and follow them with the same loyalty and passion that I admired in the Giants fans that I knew.

Last week, some idiot at stepped way over the line. I refuse to grace his words by reading them, so I don't know exactly what was posted, but from what I've read about the incident, it was unacceptable, even if couched as a failed attempt at humor.

While every Giant fan has a right to be outraged about someone desecrating the memory of 9-11 on a sports blog, please remember he does not speak for all Seahawks fans. Hell, every U.S. and international citizen who believes in freedom and democracy should be justifiably outraged, as I am.

And Giants fans should be very unhappy to see Seahawks fans this weekend.

Undoubtedly, there will be a contingent of fans in the Meadowlands decked out in Seahawks gear, there to cheer and support their team, as I have done over the years. Sure there have been good natured taunts, but I have never felt targeted or threatened when wearing "enemy gear" to a Giants or Jets game. On behalf of the respect we have for the traditions of both of our teams, let's keep it that way.

Hate on the Seahawks for owning the Giants the past few years. Hate on the Seahawks for inducing 11 false start penalties at Qwest field, or Jay Feely's three missed potential game winning field goals. Hate on the Seahawks because they're one of 15 other NFC teams trying to keep the Giants from repeating as World Champions.

But please don't hate on the Seahawks for what this "waste of human sperm" (as one fellow Seahawk fan described him) posted.

We both know the Giants fan-base is smarter and better than that.

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