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      By GladiatorHawk

Bitter Sweet Symphony

We go into this Sunday’s game at Tampa, during the bitterest stretch of time that Seahawks fans have experienced in recent memory. It’s the trade off for several years of sweetness.

There is always a toll.

Seahawk fans as a whole are responding to the sour taste quite well respectively. The bad times typically are felt much more intensely then the good. And when one looks at other losing team’s internet sites you find Hawk fans are actually very civil in comparison.

Is there a reason for this?

Is it perhaps that this seems an aberration to the trained Hawk fans eye? Going into this season there was no reason to even consider a start like this was possible. Are the fans still in shock?

Or is it simply because they know all good things must end and they rest on their laurels?


All Bad things must end as well, right?


It’s much easier to fall off a pedestal. Then it is to pull oneself from quicksand. You must hang on to that thin vine. Struggle and fight to pull your self free of the sands downward grasp. Every moment you let up. You lose ground that was just fought for. If during the struggle you have people (Fans) helping to pull you out. Your chances are much better then if everyone leaves you behind.

We are in the twilight of Mike Holmgrens 2nd symphony. Awaiting the grand finale. The overture begins this Sunday against the Buccaneers. Don’t leave your seats.

-- HavokHawk

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