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(Opens up attic)

"Come on...there up here somewhere. Stupid offseason, making me lose stuff."

(Shines flashlight)

AH! There they are! My new collection of Extremely Corny Bronze Racecars! Well, lets hand out some D.O.G.'s!"

Yes, boys and girls, its time for another installment of Alan's Drive of the Game.

Now, readers of 12SS know my opinion of the preseason. However, I've beaten that dead horse to the point where it actually kicked me, so we'll just move on. It was great to see the Seahawks break out and just dominate someone. Sure, its the Vikings, and its helped by the fact that they fumbled on the first play of the game, I'm going to take it.

There was a drive in the contest that had it all: clock control, balance, a touchdown, and the starters were even involved. That would be the first touchdown of the day for the Seahawks.

The essentials: 9 plays, 5:04, 74 yards. Shaun Alexander, one yard touchdown, 16-7 Seattle.

Why its the D.O.G.: I'm dubbing it the "finally touchdown" as in "we finally scored a touchdown after marching circles around the Vikings." Come on boys, Josh Brown has 54 yard field goals to make to beat the Rams this season...lets not wear him out now! At any rate, four runs and five passes made up the drive, all of them going forward, including three plays that went over 10 yards. Plus, there are concerns about Marcus Pollard at TE going into this season. He had three catches alone on this drive, meaning that Hasselbeck is already looking for him and finding him.

A close runner up to the D.O.G. is Seneca Wallace and Ben Obomanu going Jason Bourne (he fights WITH A PEN!) on the Vike's secondary for a 57 yard pass play. Why isn't it the D.O.G.? Because I don't want to live in a world where Wallace to Obumanu is the Seahawks' premier passer-reciever combo.

But, since its the preseason, and the back-ups finish what the, started. We'll let Obomanu hold the ECBR for Pollard.

Till next week,


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