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      By albaNY Hawker

I'm going to get to it right out of the gate.

This week's Dark Angel Award goes to Mike Tyson.

WTF you say?

Well, nobody on the Seahawks did anything remotely impressive yesterday, and I'm certainly not going to give it to a Cardinal! (of course, former Seahawk Oliver Celestine did warrant some consideration for downing that punt on the one)

No, Mike Tyson gets to enjoy a week with Jessica due to his famous quote "Everyone has a plan until you hit 'em in the mouth!"

The Seahawks seemed to sleepwalk into the Pink Taco on Sunday, planning on sealing the victory just by showing up. The Cardinals had other plans.

The Seahawks did seem to respond to being hit in the mouth, rattling off 20 unanswered points, after being rudely awakened by a 17-0 deficit. However, they rolled over and hit the snooze button in crunch-time, the offense and defense spooning together for their extra 2 minute fourth quarter nap, and allowed Neil Rackers to steal Josh Brown's spotlight and the game winning FG.

The Seahawks better heed the warning of the tatooed and prescient Mr. Tyson, as clutching defeat from the jaws of victory in Arizona was like Apollo Creed catching an Italian Stallion hay-maker in Rocky I.

And the team gets to host the Cincinnati Bengals, themselves coming off a non-stop combination of body blows and shots to the head, at the hands of an unranked challenger from Cleveland known as the Browns. (who knew it was really Charlie Frye who was holding back their offense?!!)

So good luck Jessica, as you embark on 7 days with Mike Tyson. Remember to keep him on his meds, like Robin Givens did for the Barbara Walters interview, and don't allow yourself to be alone with him, ala Desiree Washington!

And the same warning goes to the Seahawk players and coaching staff. Enjoy your upcoming week looking up in the NFC standings to the likes of the 49ers, Cowboys, Lions and Packers, with the Cincinnati offensive juggernaut heading to town.

I hope you have a plan!

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