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The Big Orange Cat and The Draft Day Tornado have teamed up to bring you the Scouting Report - Week 2 - Cardinals. Read the article, watch the totally un-biased video and above all... Enjoy!

-Defend the pass rush of the Seahawk defense. Arizona's O-line has been shaky the last several years, and we all know O-line's don't turn great over night. You need continuity. Their O-line's suckitude is not a one game thing. They will need extra blocking from their TE's and RB's. If Seattle blitzes from all angles, Arizona will have to get rid of the ball fast. With the improved secondary that sticks like glue...Leinart is in for a tough day.

-Edge needs to have a field day. He will need to keep drives alive and have a very good yards per. He looked OK in the first game, but his average play was below average. Behind that line, he will need a quick burst and a little luck to gain something big. Either that or he will need the Hawks defense to miss some tackles. The defense of Seattle is fresh, and with the speed and pursuit capabilities, coupled with the lack of Hamlin, Edge will have problems. He needs luck. Need I remind you he plays for Arizona.

-Arizona's defense will have to contain Shaun. You can base this on track record, easily. This has been their game plan every year for the past half decade, and they have failed miserably each time. With their attention turn to Shaun, they may need to sneak some blitzes in when they put safeties in the box. If they do that on a questionable situation (50-50 run or pass), and Shaun runs, they need to break through quickly to him. If they aim at Hass and our extra blocker hits his man, Shaun will gain huge yards. This whole thing is commonly known as 'choose your poison'.

-Arizona's secondary will have to step up. Their linebackers are solid, but not fast enough to keep up with the Burleson's of the world. The secondary is terrible. Adrian Wilson can't do everything. With the secondary spending time up close with an eye on Shaun, speedsters like Burleson will burn them. If they do blitz, Seattle can counter will their efficient slant routes, which Engram, Branch, and Pollard excel in.

-For special teams, Arizona will need good field position. Any team could use this, though. Arizona is known for sputtering as they head down field, so their FG's will need to be made, and their field position will have to be prime. Stooping Seattle, however, will be tough.

-Finally, the mentality of the Cardinals is in question. Larry Fitzgerald was recently quoted for saying that his team did not look at the game film from the 49ers game. While I imagine they ended up doing so, the fact that Larry didn't want to is proof that this team is not mentally tough. If you can't accept losses, you won't learn from them. If Seattle jumps early, can Arizona respond? No, because Seattle is too disciplined. Disciplined teams don't blow big leads. We already saw Arizona crumble under pressure Monday night with the game at stake. Seattle has done this over and over. Experience will reign supreme. Seattle just has way better intangibles. Home field won't do jack to the Seahawks' psyche. they are mentally tough. Why do you think Torry Holt suddenly choked on his anal probe?

With that said, Arizona will need to get out in front early, and run away with it by the middle of the 3rd quarter. Even in doing so, they will need luck and some breaks. Whether its injuries, refs, or Seattle not being able to get into gear. This is a healthier Seattle club. I hope the Arizona fans have low expectations.

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