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      By GladiatorHawk

There is a buzz going around with the membership of SeahawkBlue. The Rams are coming to town, signaling that it is SeahawkBlue Reunion Weekend again! This year is certain to be bigger, better and louder than last year's highly successful reunion. Following last year's inaugeral Return to the Motherland Reunion, videos of the event were posted. The feedback was enormous. No one wants to be left out this year.

For the second consecutive year, SeahawkBlue will be roasting a full lamb at our tailgate party near Qwest. What a spectacle that was to watch our resident member Watchdog look in horror to find his dearly beloved - roasted. Did I mentioned that WatchDog is a Ram's fan?

Who's going to take the Orange Cat's TV away? A contest has been brewing for a few weeks now. The prize is a 32 inch HD television! The member needs to be present to win. The winning member must be on the bus that transports the group to the bar for the Saturday night party. Btw, I (GladiatorHawk) will be taking the Cat's TV away. Since echoed by 100 others.

Our creed at SeahawkBlue - no subscription fees, no advertising, and no popup ads! SeahawkBlue has rented a bus that will depart from our undisclosed hotel and transport us to an exclusive high end bar where members will meet and greet and drink in a banquet room reserved solely for us. The bus will transport the members back. The bus will have "refreshments". The bar will have appetizers. All at no cost to the membership. As a special treat, a representative will be on hand for the Saturday evening party to interview the members and admins of SeahawkBlue. They have recognized the extraoradinary growth of this popular fan site. We have come a long way from what was originally just a practical joke by the founder. You will have to ask him about that one.

On Saturday we are off to the greens for a golf tournament. Seven groups of four will venture out into the elements of wet sunshine to determine the team championship of SeahawkBlue golf. We just ask Tfer to not dress in plaid this year.

The founder of SeahawkBlue purchased 4 blocks of tickets so that a contingent of 60 members could sit together in the stadium. Many more members who had their own tickets will be in attendence also. Planning for such extraordinary events was complex and challenging. Beginning with PayPal. Pal my ass. One member entered a joke for the description of payment for the tickets and PayPal froze the account. Let it be known, the fight to re-open the account is ongoing. Beware of trusting this internet payment bafoon of a company.

Be on the lookout out for videos and pictures of these events following this weekend. Don't you wish you were a member of SeahawkBlue?

Gladiator Hawk

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