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Alright, so usually this is a weekly award. And there were some candidate's for it in week 1. However, I had exhausted all of my blogging powers writing this masterpiece. So, I didn't have the energy to do it.

Now, the Seahawks lost, but win or lose I give out an Extrmely Corny Bronze Racecar. For rules and regulations regarding the award, click here.

I won't add to much to the conversation about the game itself. The general consensus seems to be that we should have won, but there's no sense in getting upset over spilled milk. So, lets get on with giving out ECBRs!

I'm going to go with the second touchdown drive...but in a twist its going to be because of our defense. The drive is the second TD drive.

The essentials: 8 plays, 52 yards, 3:13
Result: Shaun Alexander 16 yard TOUCHDOWN, 17-14 Arizona.

Why its the D.O.G.: First off, at this point in the game, I was giving our defense little chance at stopping Arizona. That is until Lofa Tatupu dropped back and picked off Matt Leinhart. Suddenly, I was singing We are the Champions. (go ahead and watch that, I'll wait).

then the Seahawks started moving the ball. A series of short passes, plus a benefitial face mask call, things were doing great. At least, until it was fourth down at the 16. One yard to go. Who you gonna call? Shaun Alexander of course! He's not known for his toughness, but the man can pick up tough yards. Oh, and he can sprint untouched into the endzone as well.

While the end result was not what we hoped for against a divisional rival, this short drive did wing momentum in the game and had everything I like. Plus, Lofa Tatupu was involved. And only one man can compare to Lofa Tatupu.

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